It’s Not Easy Being Green!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  In honor of this day of green, I thought I would share with you the torturous process I’m going through trying to pick out a green paint color for my laundry room.



We’re going through a large renovation of our home right now, and one of the things that I wanted to do for our laundry room was to add white cabinets to hold all of the detergents and cleaning supplies that took over the one lone shelf we had before.

When the cabinets came in this past week, I was very excited. That is until the contractor suggested that since they were going to put the cabinets up the next day, maybe I would like to paint the laundry room that night.  I knew he was right, it would be the perfect time to take out the washer and dryer, and paint the room green.

The thing is, I have spent the last month or so trying to find the right green paint colors for the house, without much luck.  I have all kinds of greens on different pieces of fiber boards, but none of them seem quite right.  So, my heart sank when I knew I was going to have to pull the trigger and pick a color.

So, here’s the one I came up with, BUT it’s not going to stay.



It’s OK, but I wanted something a little lighter, more of an apple green.  I wanted to open up the laundry room doors, and see a light, fresh, happy color.  This color of green is bright, but is a little darker than I want.  This room is small, and has no natural light, and I was surprised how dark this color ended up being on the walls.   So, before the floor goes in I’ll be painting the room a different green.

Do you have trouble picking paint colors?  I find it amazing how different a color can look in different rooms versus what it looks like on a paint chip.

So, stay tuned… hopefully soon I can reveal the green color that I’m looking for!


  1. krystyna says

    I had this happen w/painting my house outside,I like so many other houses mint green,mine was gray ,so I paint it mint green and I didn’t like it so much, and it was painted sage green and looks much better,I like it a lot.

  2. says

    Krystyna, I’m glad you found a shade of green that you liked. I’m not sure I would have the energy to re-paint the outside of my house!

    • krystyna says

      Oh,I’m too old to do it myself,we hired 2 boys from Special school-GOOd WILL HINCKLY-,they did v good job

  3. Jamie says

    I like the cabinets, but that color does remind me too much of a preschool or pediatrician’s waiting room or something. Are you going to leave the doors and door trim oak?

  4. says

    While you likely have this project finished by now, I thought I would share the color I just painted my laundry room. I went with Sherwin Williams Celery and I love it! Found a beautiful Thibaut fabric combination to go with the paint and the room is just the way I wanted it!

  5. Mary Ivins says

    I just went through the same process finding the ‘perfect’ green for our master bedroom. The seventh one (Sherwin Williams Shagreen) was the winner and I love it!

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